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Tucson Area Retreads Motorcycle Club

Jeff & Cecilia Murch - Tucson Area Representative
Rebecca Hartman - Assistant Tucson Area Rep.
Dwight Irwin and Jeff Murch - Treasurers
Roger Deevers - Safety Officer
MaryEllen Tyndall - Newsletter Editor
Antonio Arroyo - Webmaster

We are a Motorcycle Club based out of Tucson Arizona,Consisting of a collection of 40 years old and over motorcycle enthusiasts. We have frequent Motorcycle Outings! The First & Third Wed. of the month we have an evening dinner ride and the second & fourth Wed. we have a breakfast or lunch ride. We have monthly meetings the second Sunday morning of each month. A finer collection of people would be hard to find as we all have different backgrounds and are bound to each other by a common thread, that being the love and enjoyment of riding our Motorcycles in a pleasant and comfortable environment, with good people! All of our Motorcycles are non-denominational meaning we don't care what brand of motorcycle you ride be it Honda or Harley, BMW, Yamaha or whatever. As long as you enjoy riding, you're welcome and are treated as such!

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Retreads Favorite Restaurants


Photos at the January Monthly Meeting and Ride
Photos at the February Monthly Meeting
Photos at the March Monthly Meeting
Video of Ride after the March Meeting Part One
Video of Ride after the March Meeting Part Two
Video of Ride after the March Meeting Part Three
Photos at the April Meeting and Ride afterwards
Video of Ride after the April Meeting
In Memory of Joh Kostelny - 8/8/1950 - 8/11/2012


Photos at the February 13 Meeting and afterwards


Video of Ride after the March 13 Meeting
Lunch and Ride to Amado and Arivaca - Saturday, March 19, 2011
Video Clip of Mystery Ride - Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Photos of Progressive Dinner and Ride - Saturday, March 26, 2011
Video Clips of Progressive Dinner - Saturday, March 26, 2011
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Photos of October 9 Monthly Meeting and Ride to Patagonia
Video of Ride to Patagonia Part One
Video of Ride to Patagonia Part Two
Video of Ride to Patagonia Part Three
In Memory of John Westmoreland

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Eateries :-):

Bob Watsons Retreads Web Page **With Pictures**
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